A little about me..

Hello, I’m Ben, a passionate developer and designer residing in Medway, MA. My expertise in graphic arts and web design has been honed through years of dedicated study. Recently, I graduated with a degree in computer science, marking the beginning of my exciting journey into crafting visually appealing and user-friendly experiences for various devices.

In my role as the general manager, web designer, and digital marketer at Friendly Fine Wine & Spirits in Massachusetts, I apply my skills to create impactful digital solutions. I find immense joy in designing applications that people can truly enjoy, and I’m constantly driven to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of every app I encounter.

My creative pursuits extend beyond the digital realm; I find solace in painting and drawing, allowing my artistic flair to flourish. Additionally, I treasure the moments spent on family vacations, cherishing the experiences that broaden my perspective and inspire my work.

With a genuine passion for creating delightful user experiences, I am dedicated to making a positive impact through my design and development skills. Join me on this journey, and let’s transform ideas into captivating realities together.